Litigation Law, Counselling, Mediation & Legal Representation

We are a boutique law firm specialising in: Labour/Employment Law; Insurance & Motor Vehicle Collisions; Civil Litigation (including High Court and Magistrate’s Court) and Criminal Law. However, we are not limited to these areas of the Law.

We have a progressive approach to the law, our practice and how we run our firm. We believe that certain laws must conform and change as we change, and we accordingly and constantly challenge the core and the limits of law.

Christoffel Gerhardus Grové has cultivated an illustrious career as an Attorney. He graduated from the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (currently known as North West University) and was admitted as Attorney of the High Court on the 4th of December 1998 and has remained on the practising Roll of Attorneys ever since.

Collective Approach

We adopt a collective approach towards legal issues and our tight knit team will always offer the best advice, results, and uphold the highest ethical standards


We also maintain tight relations with a wide network of attorneys specialising in other areas of the law, and can therefore accommodate and assist our Clients in most areas of the law.

Interact Personally

Our ability to interact personally with our Clients sets us apart from our large firm counterparts, and ensures that we always find the best and most expeditious solutions to their legal issues.

Firm in Results

We have an exceptional success record, and live up to our motto- firm in results.

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